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Software Solutions


Software Solutions

VR Simulator Software

VR Simulator Software | RoadRakshak | India

We offer customized software solutions in the realm of Road, Traffic safety simulations. Red Chariots Technologies, the R&D power house behind Road Rakshak creates custom solutions that enable drivers to experience and train for potential accident scenario, unruly traffic challenges, conditions of low light, difficult terrain, climatic conditions, faulty infrastructure etc. The custom design of simulations and digital engagements allows users to train specifically in extreme and challenging situations and be acquainted with it much before the actual drive.

In this era of “conscious consumption” and “sustainability” as mantras the world over, a special feature of software design in Road Rakshak addresses Fuel Conservation. With extensive R &D on the current consumption pattern, the team designs software and content to help drivers become more conscious and conserve fuel, resulting in a “sustainable” image and substantial savings for the brand.

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