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Safety at Work | RoadRakshak

Safety at Work

Several safety-conscious brands have raised the bar of regulations and standards regarding personnel, facility and assets in workspaces. Yet statistics do not record a nosedive in workplace related mishaps.

It is common knowledge that safe environs are most conducive for increased productivity, sustainability and a healthy rapport between organisations and individuals. Brands often endeavour a great deal to design well thought-out procedures and systems for safety. Over time though, one notices a drop in the implementation of these strategies due to behavior patterns. Rakshak operates to bridge this wide gap between detailed SOPs set out by brands and their effective use or practice by employees. We employ interactive technology and a know-how of human behavioral science to offer critical intervention plans and training modules.


Training programmes and speakers on topics of Safety have conventionally been long and tedious presentations by exponents in the industry with perhaps a short Q&A at its closure.At Rakshak we believe, for real change in culture and practice, one must impact the listener at his very core. This is better achieved by mixed media presentations and an open forum that actively encourages interaction from the onlooker throughout the session.Hence our training session comprises of various modes of visual, auditory inputs, hands-on exercises and themed gaming during the course of the expert’s presentation.The programme is thus very interactive, energetic and inclusive, compelling the onlookers to actively use new modes to engage and share experiences.With experts from different facets of the EHS industry empaneled with us, we offer the most focused presentations by eminent industry leaders, custom designed to address your core challenges.



Customised virtual training modules have been designed and effectively executed for several TG during multiple lock down spells of the pandemic. Virtual modules of training have been extremely effective, especially in reaching the spouses and children of employees and making for impactful and sustainable changes.The programme content is custom created on understanding the TG in depth and their experience levels. Events are interactive and thought provoking, drawing the audience into its fold with interesting games, challenging case studies and rapid fire quizzes.

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