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Make India Safe is a cause promoted by Red Chariots. MINDS, as it abbreviates to, is a social movement that strives towards building a nation which is “Safety aware” and robust in nature. Statistics reveal that approximately 76% of road accidents and mishaps in workplaces are easily avoidable and could have been deterred with better collective responsibility, awareness and implementation of safe and defensive practices.


Weeding out unsafe practices at the grass root level and ensuring safety as a Mantra, we believe, is what every corporate, every organization and every citizen must adopt as their own. It is in the acknowledgement and practice of “safety before all” as a lifestyle, can businesses, homes and the nation truly become strong and sustainable.


In 2015 we forayed into a domain, that required immediate intervention. “Safety” in built-environments, its design, training and implementation were areas often ineffectual and mostly outdated. “Rakshak” began as a dream of a safer, stronger India.

Rakshak is a socio-commercial venture of Red Chariots to raise safety awareness and promote safe practices in built-environments, nationwide.

It is common knowledge that about 80% accidents on roads, in work places and homes could be averted with awareness increased by a mere 20%. Beyond some inevitable mishaps, it is absolutely within our grasp to often avert loss of life and property by just creating safer environs, procedures and a fundamental culture of responsibility and accountability.
Rakshak, is comprised of a panel of expert consultants on several facets of the safety industry. We conceptualise, design and drive training and awareness programmes specific to brands and their SOP. In the implementation of programmes, Rakshak adopts new age training methods, cutting edge technology and creative solutions.

Safety evangelism, training and practice, takes on a new avatar, relevant to our changing times and challenges. Not just a bunch of processes and redundant protocols, our safety approach is keen, adaptive and communicative. We believe with time and empathy, each of us is a Rakshak, a living model of a safer and robust India.

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