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What started as a personal concern to ensure road safety of family and associates for D V Vinod Gopal

(Lead auditor, ISO 39001, Road Traffic Safety), quickly snowballed into an extensively researched, technological and impactful move towards a cause.

Census worldwide, reveals an annual fatality rate of about 1.35 million each year resulting from traffic and road mishaps. Detailed study reveals that 62% of these fatalities involved human error, like speeding, tailgating, negligence and violation of traffic signals etc. Risky driving behavior is often the sole cause in severe loss of lives and assets.  

Road mishaps are often a result of one among two factors: External and internal factors, from the purview of the driver. While the external factors (weather, vehicle condition, visibility, traffic, road & infrastructure etc) may not always be ideal, one could greatly minimize accidents and fatalities by merely sharpening faculties they can control eg. reflex, predictive cognition, crisis management, physical and mental agility etc.

R&D on these lines reveal that traditional methods of teaching need a radical change to keep pace with the tech based auto revolution and current road scenario. The modern approach to redressing or adopting a safe driving behavior, instead, is based on the 3E principle- Educating, Engineering and Enforcement.


Red Chariots' Road Rakshak- a new and invigorating tech based driving learning platform, nested with the 3E process, is envisioned as an ideal solution.

Road Rakshak facilitates learning and practice of driving techniques to be imbibed easily into the subconscious of an individual. Once imbibed, these techniques become auto reflex for a driver, ensuring greater responsibility and agility in the face of on-road obstacles. The experience of industry leaders, as consultants/ trainers and state of art technology converge at Road Rakshak to create the most impactful and quantifiable change in Road Safety training processes.

Driver Safety | Roadrakshak

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