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Truck Simulator | Road Rakshak | India

Truck Simulator



Providing simulator training for truck drivers has been an enriching journey of learning for Red Chariots. The research and development team boasts of an extensive foundational and practical observation of the on-road challenges faced by these drivers.


All the types of cargo carried in trucks are the veins in the society - essential goods for the state/country’s functioning are reached by these drivers for daily functioning. Hence utmost importance to details is given while crafting the training module for truck drivers.


The type of cargoes that are plying on the roads are –

Flammable liquid substances/fuel

Water/treatment water tankers

Perishable/fresh goods

FMCG goods

Specialized cargo (wind turbines, solar panels, engines)

Automotive parts

Consumer domestic logistics

Construction raw materials

Mining by-products

Iron and steel goods


The vehicles for the above cargo types vary based on the load, length and packaging and their method of driving, the safety systems in the vehicle and the challenges faced in transporting are unique. The value of the goods determine the safety precautions to be taken.


Each truck simulator training module is curated to address these challenges and enhance the safety aspect of the driving behaviour.


A USP of this truck simulator training module is the ability of our R&D team to do a detailed analysis of the recent accident situations in that particular industry and emulate them to near realness so that the driver is ready to face the situation. 

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