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Simulator On The Wheels

Simulator On the Wheels| RoadRakshak


The "Simulator on Wheels" initiative is a groundbreaking project that utilises specially designed vehicles equipped with advanced simulators and testing equipment to revolutionise driver training across India. These mobile training units have successfully covered extensive distances, reaching various regions of the country. In a span of just six months, they have provided training to more than 20,000 drivers of trucks, cars, and buses.


This van is a self-contained unit capable of analysing and training the driving behaviour of 60 to 80 drivers every day. This high efficiency allows the program to have a rapid and widespread impact on driver skills and safety awareness. The simulators within the vans create a virtual environment, replicating real-world driving scenarios to help drivers develop and refine their skills.


One of the key strengths of this initiative is its ability to bring cutting-edge simulation technology directly to drivers, regardless of their location. By doing so, the program addresses the pressing need for improved road safety and enhanced driver skills on a national scale.


The impact of the "Simulator on Wheels" initiative extends beyond its impressive training numbers. It contributes significantly to the overall improvement of road safety and the development of responsible driving habits. As a mobile training solution, it has proven to be a scalable and efficient approach to reaching a large audience of drivers across the diverse landscapes of India.


In summary, the "Simulator on Wheels" initiative stands out as a highly efficient and impactful program that utilises innovative technology to enhance road safety and driver skills on a national level. Its success in training thousands of drivers in a relatively short period underscores its potential as a transformative force in the field of driver education and safety.

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