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Application | Defensive Driving | RoadRakshak

Road Rakshak App

Application | Defensive Driving Course

This application is a valuable partner tool for any experienced or aspiring driver. The App’s in built features help beginners to learn driving, vehicular and road obstacle management, detailed road and signage rules, theory and much more.

For experienced drivers, the app has vital “real time” features that aid in emotional balancing, fatigue detection, over speeding alert etc amongst others. A quick refresher module on important signages, road rules  and defensive driving is a vital component of this app.

The DI (Driving Intelligence) zone is a key feature uniquely designed for users of the” new media age” with engaging, interactive and gamified technolgy. Road Rakshak app is your go-to guide on everything road safety related, the power of information and training, right in your palm.

We truly understand the term “different strokes for different folks.” 

The app could be suitably costomised to face the rigours and challenges of each industry.

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