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Simulator based Training

Driver Training | RoadRakshak

Despite a great deal of information readily available, as theory and educative videos, the most effective training methods on road safety are the practical driving sessions. While even that is restricted to the number of scenarios one  experiences real- time, practical training on simulators open up a whole new gamut of accident situations one could be exposed to in future. A broad spectrum of scenarios and the extensive damage they could potentially cause, could be anticipated, prepped for and averted, all from a safe pod, using simulator training exercises. Studies reveal a 40% decrease of road accidents amongst risky drivers who underwent an accident prevention simulator training. 

The impact of simulator- based training programmes however, depend greatly on how closely they emulate a realistic experience. At Road Rakshak we take simulated training to whole different level in its impact, by customizing all hardware components, software design and visualization. Road Rakshak simulators come in VR, single screen and multi screen variants. With an objective to give the driver an immersive and effective experience the simulator has a motion-sensitive platform. The simulator hardware can be custom fitted to have a life- like experience for drivers of trucks, tanker trucks, busses, LCV, LMV and first responder vehicles.  A strong understanding of vehicular physics of components and motion, differing from brand to brand, allows us to offer a most convincing simulator hardware and paired software solution. 

Road Rakshak simulators, proudly built completely in India and sporting software solutions closely emulating Indian roads, climatic conditions and challenges,  make formidable allies for all Indian drivers.

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